2016 is the year of the new incarnation of the Car Design Award, a prize that was first awarded in 1984 in Turin, the city that has left its imprint on Italian and international motor vehicle history. The Car Design Award was presented for 14 consecutive years and was widely considered to be the most coveted and prestigious accolade in the sector.

The aim of the award has always been to celebrate cars and concepts that mark a turning point, a new departure for the future of transportation design. An international jury made up of representatives of some of the most prestigious world automotive magazines is a guarantee of its competence and authoritativeness.

While keeping its traditional organisation unchanged, the reborn Car Design Award also proposes important changes. The two historic categories that reward production and concept cars will be joined by a third: an award to the design team that has worked best to maintain the consistency and transversality of the brand’s formal language over the entire product range.

The Car Design Award thus evolves in parallel with the world automotive scene with all its changes and emerging needs. The prize that was a fixture of the car design world at the end of the 20th century is back with us and will be a stand-out appointment in the years to come.